Montrose Kayak and Surf is expanding our retail product assortment to include a skate selection! Located upstairs of our watersports shop, we have partnered with the innovative folks at Red Mountain Riders.

Red Mountain Riders

Red Mountain Riders is based just down the road in beautiful Ouray, Colorado. We support these local folks with their startup and are certain you will find their longboards and parkboards well designed, well made, appealing, and most of all, fun to ride!
From the RMR website:

“Over the past year many people have been asking us about our story. What is RMR? How did you come up with the idea? Well the truth is we don’t have the perfect answer. There are many stories that make up the creation of RMR. We all came from different backgrounds, grew up loving similar things, worked many different jobs and somehow our lives came together to bring us to this point. “

“A few years ago all of us were working for the man. We dealt with the jobs we were working and fell into the daily grind of life. As passionate riders we knew we had to escape the monotony of the “American dream”.  RMR was established through our desire to create a company and a product that truly embellished the feeling of real freedom.  RMR is testament to our undying love of riding and the pursuit of happiness. What began as a conversation while carrying our boards up another hill to ride has evolved into an infrastructure of creativity. Every board that we make is a reflection of our passion, creativity and drive to provide a superior product. Born from the mountains, shaped by the hustle, and driven by the freedom that longboarding always delivers.”

Check out this video!